About This Blog

This blog is meant to serve as a Vallejo artists’ showcase and communication hub. Vallejo is steeped in music, with a rich tradition that still survives under the surface of our broken town. One of the main ways it’s broken is in its lack of avenues of communication. For a town where there is as much music going on as in Vallejo, you might never know it unless you move in those circles.

What Vallejo needs more of is a sense of musical community. We’ve put this site together to provide a place for your stuff, so you can share with the rest of us, and particularly, stay in touch with what other local indie types are doing.  Sometimes a great collaboration comes from an idea and a few words.

This blog is for artists.  Anyone can comment after approval, but for approved artists, we’ll even set you up an artist blog of your own on the site, so you can write about what you’re into, some new hot gear you found, seeking a player for a track, whatever… at this point it’s a blank page.  We’ll all go from there. 🙂

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