Welcome Artists

If you know anything about Ozcat Radio, you know we’ve been behind (and often pushing) local artists from our very beginning. Given our focus, it’s only natural that we’d have a place for artists to meet and let fellow artists hear their new stuff, maybe kick around an idea or two. We know the temptation is there for you to post your new video everywhere you can, but we put this whole blog together for  you to do just that.

This blog is moderated. In fact, this blog is by invitation only. It’s a place for legitimate local and independent artists to get together and communicate. We’ll have user comments moderated as usual (once you’re approved, you’re cool from then on unless you’re not and then you’re banned), but in order to actually post articles or columns on this blog, we have to know you and know you’re an artist working your art. Email us if you want to be a part of the forum. You can find our email address on the Ozcat Radio Website.

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